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Autistic Fatigue and Burnout

Exhaustion, fatigue, and eventual burnout can be universal experiences, but autistic individuals may be particularly likely to experience them due to the pressures of social interactions and sensory overload. Managing energy levels becomes a critical aspect of dealing with these challenges, as the guide emphasises.

The terms “autistic fatigue” and “autistic burnout” were coined by autistic people, shedding light on their unique experiences. Unlike general fatigue, autistic fatigue can manifest with additional challenges, such as increased meltdowns, heightened sensory sensitivity, physical pain, headaches, and even the loss of speech or physical shutdown.

The increased susceptibility to fatigue and burnout among autistic people stems from the daily stresses of navigating social scenarios and dealing with sensory information. The understanding of these experiences continues to grow, as learning from the personal stories of autistic adults helps to paint a more nuanced picture of these phenomena.

The page encourages readers interested in delving further into this subject to click on the provided link, where they can find more detailed information on autistic fatigue and burnout and how they uniquely impact the lives of those on the autism spectrum.